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not a virgin anymore

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Name:Kitana's Fanfiction Journal
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Kirschvanille is German for ‘cherry vanilla’, and I don’t know why I chose that to be the name of my journal, but I like it and it fits. This fanfiction journal belongs to [personal profile] kitana ([ profile] kitanachan), and inside will be fanfiction of all ratings and themes.

Please browse carefully, as some subject matter is unsafe for work.

The fandoms I currently write in are: Supernatural, D.Gray-man and Final Fantasy VII (again, hahaha).

Other fanfics of mine can be found at:

This journal has a mirror at [ profile] kirschvanille.

General Disclaimer: 99.9% of the characters written about within these pages do not belong to me. No money is being made off of the portrayals of these characters. I write purely for the love of writing, nothing more.
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